Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival

I don’t know if you have seen the pictures. I don’t know if you have seen the videos. I certainly didn’t want to. And who would?
You may want to switch off your computer, put down your phone or turn off your television but what would that do? Absolutely nothing. I am asking you to help.

I am currently in China, volunteering for Animals Asia in Chengdu. Whilst I am sat writing this, dogs in Yulin China are being snatched from peoples back gardens in order to prepare for Yulin’s dog and cat meat festival that is due to take place later this month starting on the 21st June.

Thousands of dogs and cats right this second are cramped down into tiny metal cages. Five or six compacted together with sores on their paws from the sharp metal rubbing beneath them. No food or water for who knows how long. Infections are creeping in due to open wounds caused by constant gnawing and scratching, trying desperately to get out. Terrified, frightened and seemingly alone they have no idea what is in store for them.

Now imagine your family cat or dog is in there, unknowingly waiting for a brutal slaughter.

How does that make you feel? Personally, there is no length I would not go to until they were home safe. Warm in their favourite bed or playing with that incredibly annoying squeaky toy you wish you had never bought them! (Mr Itchy… I’m speaking to you directly!)
Many of these animals have been those pets. They are taken directly from their homes where they believed they were safe. Others have been street dogs, but does it really matter where they came from?
What matters is where they are going. And you have the ability to stand up and do something. No matter how small.
Working here with Animals Asia has been an incredible experience and I’ve only been here a week! Being here I have seen rescued dogs from the meat industries that have found that special home again. I have seen that there can be a light at the end of all the torture. There can be a way out.

I am working with bears that have been saved from bear bile farming. The one thing that these bears and dogs have in common that truly amazes me is their ability to forgive and trust again.

So I am asking you for one thing, it won’t take long and it could end the suffering for hundreds of animals in china. Watch the videos and look at the pictures. Learn what is really happening here and do something to make a difference. Whether it may be by signing petitions (linked below), donating or simply by sharing this blog, you can do something.

Please, let these animals be man’s best friend once more before it is too late.



How can we let this happen to our best friends?

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